Legacy Changers
Counseling Center

We offer both face-to-face and telemental health counseling services for children, adolescents, individuals, couples, and families.

Legacy Generations
Youth & Family

We provide programs to empower the next generation of leaders, healing families, and conferences focusing on mother/daughter and father/son relationships.

Legacy Builders
Mentoring Programs

We provide hope-based group therapy programming and community-based mentoring for teens and young adults from psychiatric residential treatment programs.

The Legacy Consortium

THE LEGACY CONSORTIUM (TLC) is a non-profit organization that provides services to the community with the goal of building strong youth, young adults and families. We serve:

  • Families who experience high levels of conflict and who desire to improve how they get along with each other
  • Parents who identify that their children are struggling with behavioral and emotional issues and realize they need help learning how to manage them and have positive outcomes
  • Parents and children who struggle in the parent-child relationship and who desire to make the relationships stronger.
  • Couples who desire peace, not conflict in their marriage
  • Youth and young adults who desire to learn skills for healthy interpersonal interactions and growth in family relationship development skills, leadership skills, peer and intimate relationships skills, mental health and emotional stability, and healthy leisure activity

Through its divisions, THE LEGACY CONSORTIUM (TLC) provides interventions and programs that promote:

  • Peaceful relationships in families
  • Healthier and happier youth and young adults
  • Improved emotional connections between children and parents
  • Youth and young adults who will be leaders in their schools and communities