Youth & Family Programs

GameChangers Youth & Young Adult Leadership Program

GameChangers Youth & Young Adult Leadership Program provides programming and a forum for youth and young adults, to improve their socially and professionally related critical thinking and people skills, leadership skills, as well as family and peer relationship skills. This is accomplished through a focus on 8 core life areas (Faith, Family, Finances, Friends, Freedom, Following, Fitness and Fun), as well as other core competencies. The virtual community provides a forum for healthy peer connection and interaction, where like-minded youth and young adults with similar goals as well as struggles and desires for change and growth, can learn to navigate important life-stage issues, gain and provide support for one another, begin life plan and career development, develop entrepreneurial thinking and ideas, increase awareness of socio-political, cultural and community engagement, and celebrate goal attainment.


The Family Healing Room

Family Counseling is provided through The Family Healing Room which is a 12-week family therapy program that focuses on conflict resolution & relationship restoration. The program teaches grace, justice, empathy, trust, and forgiveness as key components for helping families become safe, unified, and peaceful. The program focuses on improving communication and relationship interaction within and between parent and child relationships, improving skills for managing conflict, and building a foundation for strong, supportive, respectful, and happy family relationships.
  • Family Therapy is provided through a combination of face-to-face office visits and tele-mental health sessions.
  • Between session activities are an integral part of the counseling process and should be expected weekly.